We have teamed with DreamGalaxy, a digital storytelling platform that inspires students to read more in both a traditional and 21st century way. People understand through stories. People remember through storytelling. Digital storytelling, especially through DreamGalaxy, is not just entertainment. It takes its listeners, readers, and participants on a journey that inspires them to learn about themselves, their history and experiences from one generation to the next. It transmits the knowledge of passing on values, beliefs from generation to generation. Even greater, storytelling helps people and cultures connect in the most organic way.


Our volunteers were trained on the DreamGalaxy platform and in turn, shared this knowledge with teachers and students over three days while in Kenya. Two other service days were dedicated to volunteering in orphanages by providing needed materials and engaging in interactive play activities with the children.


We selected 15 volunteers with skills and experience in education, digital storytelling, role play in a group environment, nursing, pediatrics, building, plumbing, electrical, dentistry, nutrition, and anyone with a general interest who wanted to give back.


Travel and GIVE believes that those who volunteer internationally should learn from the culture they are visiting. This 11-day trip included 5 days of educational and service work and 4 days of cultural activities.

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