Belonging means acceptance as a member or part. As the child of a Haitian mother and African-American father growing up in suburbs of Colorado and California, Martine lacked just that; a sense of belonging. At twenty-two years old, despite what the media portrayed and against her family's wishes, Martine's curiosity of her self-identify led her to move to the country that bred her mother. 
Dear Haiti is a compilation of Martine's journal entries where she documented the awkward, controversial, humorous, and catastrophic events as she discovered the unfamiliar country which is her home.

Dear Haiti

  • Pre-sale begins 1/12/2020 for Dear Haiti! When you buy online through Travel & Give, 10% of the profit from book sales goes toward the mission of TAG! Additionally, you'll recieve a signed copy from the author, Martine Harris. Dear Haiti's release date is on February 8th.

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