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James and his 7-month old sister were brought to Angel Centre attention by a children’s officer in 2015. They were found abandoned together with their 3 older sisters and were taken to different children’s homes. James’s little sister was severely malnourished and passed away 3 days after we rescued them. The Angel Centre buried her in the local cemetery. Efforts to trace James’s family have been unsuccessful.

My Story

James Wangai

My age:
8 years
September 15
I live in:
Nairobi, Kenya

Your student donation will cover tuition, daily hot lunch, school supplies, and uniforms for one elementary to high school-aged child for

one school year.

Your orphanage donation will provide diapers, baby formula,

medical care, food, and shelter for a child under school-age.

Help us to provide even more assistance to those in need by making an additional contribution.

As a committed sponsor, you will receive a semi-annual update sent to the email address you
provided in June and December of 2020 regarding your child's academic and health progress, as well as

an updated photo.

In Summary